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7 Strategies for Using Social Media to Draw in and Keep Customers: americanexpress.com

by Edwin
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One of the most effective tools available to small business owners for connecting with clients is social networking. It enables you to interact with your audience and present a more human side of your company. Engaging with consumers on social media gives you the chance to showcase your knowledge and develop connections—two things that can greatly help you expand your company.

It’s obvious how important social media is for customer service because using it to engage with customers can help you generate more qualified leads and boost revenue. Perhaps less obvious is how to use it to draw in new clients.

Social networking may be an essential business tool, whether your goal is to boost customer loyalty or engage new ones. Here are some pointers on attracting clients via social media and cultivating their steadfastness in your company.

Establish genuine relationships

Social media is used by people to establish connections.

While having a social media page for your business helps spread brand recognition, interacting with customers is what keeps them loyal.

  • Like any flattering remarks made by brands, reply to express your gratitude.
  • Address any grievances raised by customers.
  • Get in touch with those who have mentioned you in private to extend loyalty or referral bonuses.
  • Give amusing behind-the-scenes stories about your company or creator’s videos about your expertise.
  • Make private groups as your following grows so you can interact with users directly, respond to enquiries, and troubleshoot issues.

Your brand might be promoted outside of your social network by responding sincerely.

Offer prompt customer service

While using it to draw clients is one thing, providing real-time customer support elevates your brand’s devotion to a whole new level. While it’s not necessary to always watch your social media, it does demonstrate your concern about being accessible to answer queries or point users in the direction of resources.

It is a chance to enhance the customer experience since customers are sick of being put on hold. Being responsive on social media within the same day of an interaction puts you ahead of the competition and fosters loyalty.

Consider employing a social media assistant to give your social media outreach complete attention if you start to see results.

Increase recognition of the brand

Customers prefer to purchase from brands they are familiar with and confident in, so make sure they are aware of you. Creating media profiles that strengthen your brand and increase awareness is the best method to achieve this.

Make a profile on the social media sites that your clients frequently visit. Create a genuine and interesting profile, then commit to posting frequently and interacting with members of your target audience.

You could even want to think about a popular media tactic used by large corporations: sponsored social media ads. You can test focused local ad campaigns on social media sites that gain rapid notice with a comparatively low barrier to entry.

Disseminate pertinent and educational material

People are searching for knowledge that can assist them in solving their difficulties when they browse for your business. To establish your authority and establish a connection with your intended audience, your material should demonstrate this. The most helpful information for customers is product demos, how-to articles and videos, step-by-step instructions, and explanatory content.

Do you frequently receive the same enquiries from prospective and new clients? Think about creating some media posts based on those enquiries to distribute to your network.

Take into account social media monitoring

Platforms for social media monitoring might assist you in keeping track of mentions of your business or brand. That makes it easier for you to monitor how your business is performing online, but you are losing out on a significant segment of the audience who would not be aware of you or tag you in a post.

For instance, if you sell makeup, you can actively look for new clients on social media by asking queries like “Who makes lipstick?” List the questions, hashtags, keywords, and phrases that are associated with your business. Make frequent use of that list to browse it and reply to postings made by others.

Promote recommendations from friends and family

Consumers base their purchasing decisions on reviews. It is simple to share other people’s opinions about your business. Thank consumers and share their positive reviews on your page when they write something nice about your business. Add social media recommendations to your pages. Request testimonials or recommendations in writing from your most devoted clients.

Hold competitions to draw in leads

Use competitions on social sites to draw clients. Participation in these contests is encouraged through following, posting on your page, sharing it with others, and submitting images. You’ll gain more followers, improve traffic, and generate more qualified leads in exchange.

Running a contest doesn’t have to be expensive. Offer a coupon or an entertaining reward to entice customers to post pictures of your company. Run your contest in accordance with all applicable local laws and regulations.

Develop a social media plan for your company

Engaging with clients on online platforms contributes to the growth of your business by generating more qualified leads. Investigate strategies for interacting with customers on social media if you haven’t previously.

You may use it to draw in and keep clients by establishing a genuine connection with them and posting timely and educational material.

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