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Google Wallet is now available in India; you can save boarding passes, loyalty cards: businessinsider.in

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Google Wallet

After being discovered on the Play Store a few weeks ago, the Google Wallet has now officially been released in India. Google has now formally released the app, despite previously brushing off rumours that it would arrive in India.

For those who don’t know, Google Wallet is a digital wallet that lets users store boarding passes, gift cards, loyalty cards, and more.

In India, Google has partnerships with more than 20 brands, and it has announced plans to add more in the upcoming months.

What is the Google Wallet?

In the US, the wallet was first released in 2011 as a payment app. It was later relaunched in 2022 as a digital wallet app. Almost two years later, the app is now available in India.

You may keep digital copies of your credit card information, transit passes, employee credentials, medical records, vehicle keys, boarding passes, and even student IDs with Google Wallet.

Please be aware that the Google Wallet app is not available for use in India when making payments.

You can also load loyalty cards from Shoppers Stop, Starbucks, or your neighbourhood cafe into your wallet.

Google Wallet in India

Google has established partnerships with more than 20 prominent Indian firms, such as PVR & Inox, Air India, Indigo, Flipkart, AbhiBus, Kochi Metro, and others, in order to serve the Indian market.

The Wallet app will only function as a digital wallet for users in India; it will not allow users to add debit or credit cards, making it unable to make payments using the app.

It marks a milestone for Android in India. It simplifies daily life with innovative experiences. We offer a comprehensive solution in collaboration with top Indian businesses. Ram Papatla, GM for Android at Google, highlights its versatility, from boarding passes to loyalty cards.

To continue, use Google Pay.

Google declared in February 2024 that the Google Wallet would take on the role of the Google Pay app in the US.

The Google Pay app will continue to function normally in India, even though Google has recently introduced the Google Wallet. Along with PhonePe, the Google Pay app already has a sizable user base in the nation. In April 2024, there were more than 5 billion Google Pay transactions, according to NPCI data.

“Google Pay is here to stay. It’s going to be our main app for payments. The wallet is designed primarily for use cases other than payments,” Papatla continued.

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